Recipient Stories

Name : Mr. Ashok Maloo

Occupation : Cosntruction work in Ajay Transport Dewas.

When did you first realize that you were not well?

In 1998 suddenly, one day I Ashok Maloo was diagnosed to have kidney failure. In absence of a suitable kidney donor, dialysis was the only means for my survival.

What was the treatment suggested to you by the doctor initially?

Doctors was trying to bring down the creatinine level of the kidney by certain medications along with diet and life style modifications.

When were you told you would need an organ transplant?

Despite recurrent dialysis and medical management when my kidney tests were not improving and my health was deteriorating, the treating doctor told me that I require a kidney transplant .

How were you enrolled into the list to receive an organ?

My family members had a different blood group, they started searching a suitable donor with identical  blood group. They went to different places in search of a suitable donor but all their efforts were in vain. Subsequently I contacted the coordinator for organ transplant who enlisted my name in recipient list. They told me that I will be informed as soon as a suitable donor is available.

How did you feel when you got the call that a donor has been identified?

On 24thApril 2000 at 4.00a.m. when the phone rang, we had never imagined that some messenger of God will support my life and take care of all my troubles. At last I was instructed to Speciality Hospital for kidney transplantation.


Donor Stories

One who changed the statement.....
“Only god can save your life”  to “Organ donation can save your life”

Mayank Mehta S/O Mr. Dilip Mehta
Lived: From 22 April 1986 to 24 April 2000
He lost his life in a road accident and his parents, Mr.Dilip Mehta and Dr. Sangeeta Mehta have created an unforgettable example of humanity.

An overview of story of Mayank : 

What happened that day?

On 22nd April, Mayank along with his relatives and dear ones ,proceeded for a religious tour to the state of Rajasthan . Approaching Nagda Junction, the driver lost his balance and met with an accident as a result of which eight people were injured.

What do you know about brain death?

We did not know anything about brain death. We had heard about it, but did not what it was exactly. We did not know that brain death means only the brain stops working while the rest of the organs are fine. When the doctor told me that my son is no more, I could not believe it. Mayank was hospitalized in intensive care of a private hospital but despite all efforts he was declared Brain dead.

How were you approached to donate?

The coordinator concerned with cadaveric organ donation approached us and told about the poor outcome of Mayank .We were also told that though the overall prognosis in case of brain death patient is griN yet his organs are in functional state could work nicely in a desirable recipient and thus could bring life to others.

Were there any organs you did not want to donate? (If yes) What were your reasons for that?

We did not have any such problem; only thing was that we wanted to know whether my son was really no more or whether there was still some chance of his survival.

Losing a member of the family is always difficult; what are the memories most dear to you that you would like to share?

I am working with Union Bank of India while his mother is serving in College as Professor of Sanskrit .His elder sister is preparing for Pre- Engineering Tests. Mayank has cleared 9th grade and was then a student of 10th grade. It is coincidental that this tragic event took place on Mayank's Birthday.

How did you cope with your loss?

When any chance of survival was dismal, we thought that the only way to keep the inlet memories of our beloved son was to see him living in other needy people and bring a smile on other faces.

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