For any queries regarding organ or body donation, Please contact to Mr. Subhash Kumar Dangi, MGMMC and MYH on 9826821047.

List Of Transplant Co-Ordinators

S.No. Name Institute Contact No.
1 Mr. Subhash Kumar Dangi Dept. of Community Medicine, MGM Medical College, Indore 9826821047
2 Mr.Sandeep Patidar Bombay Hospital,Indore 9755248594
3 Dr.Affan Sami Rayeen Synergy Hospital,Indore 9827453539
4 Mrs. Hemlata Singh parmar Greater Kailash Hospital 7869720129
5 Mrs. Debi Chatterji S Choithram Hospital &RC Indore -(Liver) 8224076743
6 Dr. Narendra Patel Shalby Hospital Indore 9174400188
7 Mrs. Rajana Chouhan(Yadav) Choithram Hospital &RC Indore 9926611019
8 Dr. Nilesh Binjwa SAIMS and Mohak Hospital,Indore 7723960466
9 Dr. Gaurinath Mandiga Medanta,Indore 9893623787
10 Mr. Mayur Tanpure Apollo Hospital,Indore 8120809001
11 Dr.Harish Tourani CHL Hospital,Indore 9826049275
12 Dr.Renu Mishra SAIMS,Indore(Bone marrow transplant co-ordinator) 9424401983



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